Quran (Koran) Audio Free 1.1.7 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Another application for Android devices is up for grabs. Quran is the central religious texts of Islam, which is considered by Muslims as the verbatim word of God. With Quran (Koran) Audio Free, you’ll learn more about the Quran through listening with the use of your Android device.

Quran (Koran) Audio Free is the translations of the verses from the Quran in audio form. It has an index list with Surah details also known as the Maki/Madni category of the Quran like Para, total Ayah, Ruku and Juz. It has translated in all languages available making it more accessible for all people around the world, which is available in voice of 8 Qari.

Quran (Koran) Audio Free only works online. It only downloads and saves the file from the serveronto your SD card. With this, you can change the translation text size, do unlimited bookmarking, change text and background color, and option to view only Arabic texts or with translation.

Quran Audio Free is best Quran app on Android.Download Quran in all Languages.

Quran Android is a free Quran application with Quran audio and translations in different languages.Quran is best book on earth and divine words by Allah. It has better features then iQuran and other Quran Applications.

Beautiful Arabic font in Uthmanic tashkeel and All Languages Translations of Coran.

Easy and fast Surah of quran. Index List with Surah details of quran. like Para,of quran. Total Ayah, Ruku and Juz etc. Also described the Maki/Madni category.

Compact version which works online. It downloads the data from server automatically in your SD card and saves for the next time use. Recite and Learn the Quran anywhere and everywhere. Quran is a true Islamic book for moslems.

-Change Arabic/Translation Text Size

-Unlimited Bookmarking

-Change Text/Background Colours

-Easy and fast Surah Index List

-Surah details like Para, Maki/Madni, Total Ayah, Ruku etc.

-Option to view only Arabic or with Translation

Verse by verse synchronised recitation audio in voice of 8 Qari:

1- Ahmed Al Ajmi in free quran

2- Ali Al-Hothaify in free Corn

3- Maher Moeqali in free quran

4- Mohammad Ayoub in free Koran

5- Saad Al-Ghamdi in free quran

6- Sheikh Sudais in free Qur'an

7- Mishary Rashid in free apps quran

8- Sheikh Minshawi in free Kuran

Translation in most famous Languages include:

- Albanian in free quran, Bosnian in free quran, Bulgarian in free quran, Czeck in free Corn (esky) in free quran, Swahili,

- Chinese in free quran, Japanese in free Koran, Korean in free quran, English in free quran (Dr Mohsin) in free quran, Malay in free quran, Dutch in free quran (Nederlands) in free Qur'an

- French in free quran (Franais) in free quran, German in free quran (Deutsch) in free quran,Italian in free Coran, Finnish in free quran

- Norwegian in free quran, Polish in free quran, Romanian in free quran, Maranao in free Corn (Philippine) in free quran

- Russian in free Koran, Spanish in free quran, Swedish in free quran

- Turkish in free quran Trkiye) in free quran, Tatar in free quran

- Urdu (Pakistan) in free quran

The Quran (English pronunciation: /krn/ kor-ahn; Arabic: al-qurn, IPA: [quran], literally meaning a recitation), also transliterated Qur'an, Koran, Qurn, Coran, Kuran, and al-Qurn, is the central religious text of Islam,[1] which Muslims consider the verbatim word of God (Arabic: , Allah).The Quran was verbally revealed through the angel Jibrl (Gabriel) from God to Muhammad

Muslim must pray hajj and can recite cooran.

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System Requirements:

No special requirements

Quran (Koran) Audio Free 1.1.7 Free Download screenshot